"Natural Flavors" - What exactly are they?

If you google “what’s in natural flavors?” it’s actually pretty comical. One of the ingredients that comes up regularly is secretion from a beaver’s anus. It’s commonly used as an additive for natural vanilla flavor...the word NATURAL is so misleading! I was thrilled when most companies shifted from artificial flavors to natural flavors.

But after digging into how natural flavors are made, it’s pretty disappointing to know they can use the word natural. It just means it originates from something in nature, for example, a beaver is a part of nature I guess! Then they add a ton of ingredients and chemicals to it from there. In fact, most natural flavors contain 50-100 ingredients just to make up one flavor, and all that’s required on the label is “natural strawberry flavor.” This is why you won’t find natural flavors in KONO products, instead, we use real foods to create the great taste!