Do you need vitamin D3/K2?

The average American is falling short of optimal vitamin D levels. Having adequate levels is essential in all aspects of our health, both physically and mentally.


Why are vitamin D supplements essential?

Realistically, it may be the most important supplement of all time (bold statement, we know)! Low vitamin D levels are associated with low bone density, fatigue, increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, depression, and many other diseases.

Our bodies naturally produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunshine. The problem with this in our modern world is that there are very few people that are soaking up the sun for hours each day like we used to!

We can also only get about 10% of our vitamin D needs from food, so you can’t eat your way through this one. That leaves us with one option… supplementation!


Why we paired vitamin D3 with vitamin K2

The combination of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 will provide you with greater cardiovascular, immune and bone support compared to taking D3 by itself.

An important role that vitamin D3 plays is helping calcium get absorbed into the bloodstream. Vitamin K2 then directs the calcium into your bones where it’s needed most.

D3 + K2 benefits

Plays a vital role in immune function, bone health, protection against cancer, cardiovascular health, and more.

Has an immunomodulatory effect (alters our immune system) and can decrease susceptibility to many chronic diseases and infections.


Helps fight seasonal depression, improves brain function, and reduces inflammation in the body

No Gums
No Fillers
No Preservatives
No Artificial Flavoring
No "Natural" Flavoring
No Artifical Sweeteners
No Gluten
No Soy
No Antibiotics

The KONO difference

3rd party tested and certified

Blended with organic olive oil and MCT oil

High potency formula

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Customer Reviews

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Lexie Corpus
Winter Depression who?

Perfect way to get your vitamin D intake up. I just put a little in my morning protein shake (kono brand of course) or my morning coffee. Helps the winter blues and makes me feel confident that I’m only getting the good stuff and none of the gross additives like other brands. Highly recommend!


I love that it has clean ingredients and no extra additives. No seed oils! ♥️👍🏼


Another great product I take 10, 000 IU daily and this is quality product. Arrived quickly zero taste .

No Seed Oils

One of the only liquid Vitamin D3/K2 blends I can find without seed oils. Thank you KONO for using healthy ingredients

Jordan Campbell

Vitamin D3 / K2

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