How Amino Acids are Made


Most amino acids (BCAA’s) are sourced from either human hair, duck feathers, or pig skin/fur. Yes, you read that right… it turns out Keratin which is a fibrous protein that forms the structure of hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, etc. has a very high amino acid content. The extraction process when made from hair or feathers is very harsh and uses chemicals to extract the amino acids. It’s also a much cheaper way for supplement companies to cut costs.

As you’re aware by now, at KONO, we put your health as our number one priority and won't cut corners just to save a dime and sacrifice your health. This is why our BCAA’s are sourced from a plant-based fermentation process. We know how important it is to properly source ingredients for our bodies and for our world, and we also know that drinking duck feathers sounds like a fear factor challenge!