Our Thoughts on "Natural Flavors"

We all know artificial flavors and colors are bad for us. In fact, they’re banned in many countries outside of the US due to their toxic effects on the body and brain. A new wave is now upon us of using NATURAL flavors, and “natural” has to be good right? But do we actually know what’s in these natural flavors?

Most natural flavors contain somewhere between 50-100 ingredients. Many of them are chemical ingredients like propylene glycol, glycerin, sodium benzoate, and the list continues, all without being listed on the label. In fact, the FDA’s definition of a natural flavor even states that their function is strictly for flavor, smell, appearance, and NOT nutrition. Here at KONO, we’re here to change the supplement industry, where every single ingredient has a function and purpose to nourish your body, even down to the taste of the product by using real foods, not “flavoring”.

Real Fruit with Real Incredible Flavor and Color


Flavors were created by the food industry to get us addicted to certain tastes, they hijack our taste buds and give our brains a large hit of dopamine. However, flavors in foods were designed by nature as indicators of nutrition to our body. By using any "flavoring," it throws off our bodies ability to indicate those nutritional needs. We encourage people to take back your body's control by limiting flavoring, and eating real foods with real nutritional content. 

Are we trying to sound like your worried mother and say that Natural Flavors will kill you? No! Do we encourage a balanced but healthy lifestyle and recommend enjoying amazing foods and cultures that this world has to offer? Absolutely! But we believe supplements are meant to be entirely healthy, so we're not going to cut corners on ours. We're here to do the right thing and deliver a zero compromise solution.