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KONO Strawberry Pre-Workout
KONO Strawberry Pre-Workout
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KONO Strawberry Pre-Workout

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Finally, a Pre-Workout that's actually healthy for you! We've combined Sports Nutrition and Superfoods for a zero compromise solution that was formulated to help:

  • Recovery

  • Blood Flow

  • Mental Focus

  • Immunity

  • Brain Health

Every single ingredient has a health benefit and our promise is to always put your health first. 


How is this different than other pre-workouts?

KONO Pre-workout is a “tingle” free formula with no jitters and no crash. We use fermented amino acids, superfood ingredients, and flavor our products with real fruit! Our goal was to create a product where every single ingredient has a benefit for your performance AND your health.

We’re confident in saying that we’re the HEALTHIEST pre-workout on the planet.


Does it make your skin tingle/crawl?

No! The ingredient in most pre-workouts that gives this effect is Beta-Alanine. The purpose of this ingredient is used as a fatigue fighter. However, KONO uses the adaptogen Rhodiola Root instead of Beta-Alanine. Rhodiola has been clinically proven to reduce effects on perceived exercise fatigue at a dose of 200mg.


What does it taste like?

We use real, whole fruit to flavor our products because we don’t trust what’s in most “natural” or artificial flavoring.

Our Lemons/Limes is most often described as a tart lemonade.

Our Strawberries flavor is often described as a strawberry tea.

They both taste much more natural than any other pre-workout you’ve ever tried, because they are! And we’re proud of that.


Why doesn't my scooper fit?

Hold on a sec, it does! The scooper has a long handle on purpose and is intended to fit “handle down” first. Then, once you’re getting towards the bottom of the container, the long handle comes in handy to get those last scoops of health and performance boosting ingredients.


Do I have to use it as a pre-workout?

Absolutely NOT, there are no rules! We have many customers report that they use it as a coffee replacement, an afternoon pick me up, while studying, before video games, before hiking, before skiing, or WHENEVER you need an energy and mental performance boost!

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

No sketchy "natural flavors" - Turns out there's actually nothing natural about how these flavors are made.

100%Transparency - We won't hide behind proprietary blends; you'll know exactly what's in our products and WHY.

Ethically sourced ingredients - It matters where your ingredients come from! All of our products are tested for the highest standard of purity, quality, and effectiveness.

Clinically studied doses - Our products contain research-based doses that are proven to get the most out of each ingredient. 

Still Not Convinced? Click the link below for a deep dive education into our Proven Ingredients

KONO Pre-Workout Ingredient Deep Dive

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Shawn Hills
Cleaning pre workout on the market

I’ve spent hours trying to find a preworkout that doesn’t have garbage ingredients and this is legit the only one I could find. Awesome pre with sustainable and a more natural feeling energy than anything I’ve taken before. Just the right amount of caffeine too. Highly highly recommend

New favorite

I love the energy edge I get from Kono without the annoying flush. It has become my new favorite product, the extra energy lasts foe a while allowing me to be productive even qfter workouts.

lexie hepworth

KONO Strawberry Pre-Workout

Bradley Moorhouse
Level Up!

I love the taste of the strawberry pre. I use it as a coffee replacement as well as a pre.


The only preworkout that uses 100% REAL strawberries 😍 like WHAT!? I like how subtle the taste is, I've never been a big fan of flavor in my pre-post workout drinks. I just want that good stuff and that's exactly what these preworkouts have!! Love love love it!!